May 4, 2016

LITHUANIA 1922 unique cover with errors

1922 Registered cover franked surch 30c/8a Worker horiz pr error IMPERF vertically & shifted background, plus Airmail 50c/10a error opt INVERTED, tied by "Kaunas 17 XI 1922" cds. To Danzig with arrival b/s.

SG 174(var) & 186a, Mi 173(var) & 185(var).

2005 Prof Klein BPP photo-certificate

eBay – US $999.00

Feb 1, 2016

1941 Vilnius registered cover

After Feb 15, 1941 Lithuanian stamps were removed from circulation and only Soviet stamps were permitted for postal services in Lithuania. Registered cover from Vilnius to Opoczno, Poland, franked at the 1.30 Ruble international registered letter rate with two Soviet stamps, Nazi Germany censorship.

eBay listing – Ended Dec 13, 2015. Sold: $164 (27 bids)

1930 registered TPO cover

Registered cover to Detroit, USA posted on 1-IV-1930, TPO route Riga-Kybartai, registration marking in manuscript (Nr 1, L’amb. Riga-Kibartai, N 2).

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Lithuania 1919 Jonava to Kaunas

One one surviving registered cover from Jonava.
eBay listing – Ended Jan 10, 2016. Sold: $795 (25 bids)

Lithuania 1940 Vilnius to Olten

A registered cover from Vilnius to Olten, Switzerland, registration in manuscript.
eBay listing – Ended Jan 10, 2016. Sold: $51 (11 bids)

Lithuania 1923 Klaipeda

A registered commercial cover from Klaipėda to Berlin, mixed franking.
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Oct 9, 2014

1919 Postcard to Göteborg (Sweden)

"KELME 14-8-19 m" double line on three 30 sk. stamps on registered card to Göteborg, at bottom large straightline "Kelme" and "R 257" in manuscript, with german label "Vom Ausland über Königsberg Pr. 1", very fine.

Starting price: 200EUR.

1918 cover to Königsberg

40 sk. and first Kaunas issue 20 k. tied by cds. "KAUNAS 10.II19" to cover to Königsberg with adjacent framed censor mark, horizontal fold away from stamps, otherwise fine.

Starting price: 150EUR.

1918 Postcard to Pößneck (Germany)

40 sk. from the upper left corner tied by cds. "KAUNAS -5.II.19" to postcard addressed to the "Internationales Briefmarken Offertenblatt", few creases, otherwise fine.

Starting price: 120EUR.